Improving access to education

In India, children are more likely to go to work than to school. UNESCO’s numbers are overwhelming: over 1.7 million children of primary school age across the country are not attending classes. In most cases, they are pushed into adult work without being given the chance to attend school. Indeed, poverty can become an insurmountable obstacle that forces children to contribute to their family’s income and therefore drop out of the school system. From rag-picking in densely populated cities to cleaning dishes, mopping the floor or making bangles, girls and boys of school age often spend their days trying to make ends meet for their families instead of attending school and building a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

At ACTED we understand the challenges poverty brings. Vulnerable households who already struggle to have enough food every day or even a shelter to spend the night, simply cannot bear the cost of buying books, stationery, transport and meals for their children to attend school. That is why we support the most vulnerable households by lowering the cost of education: we provide school kits with books, school bags, shoes and shirts to make sure that poverty does not hindered children from reaching their full potential.



  • Providing school kits (bags, stationery, books) to the most vulnerable households;
  • Providing bicycles to rural students in order to reduce barriers to school attendance;
  • Providing sports, arts and music equipment to underprivileged schools to promote diversified education;
  • Upgrading school infrastructures including safe water and sanitation facilities, classrooms and playgrounds.