Our team

We are an experienced and committed team striving to go the extra mile to provide communities with the support they need. As a multi-cultural team with international experience, we understand the realities of the people we help and work to build solid relations with donors and partners across India.

Jagriti Roy: Managing Director

Jagriti holds the reins of the Section 8 company and has been part of the ACTED family for more than 10 years as a Senior Manager. She has over 20 years of experience in administrative management, human resources and program coordination for NGOs. Jagriti has worked in multiple countries across Asia as well as in the United States. She has collaborated with donors such as the EU, USAID, the World Bank, and many more.

Frederic Rousell: Director

After graduating from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Frederic began working in Afghanistan for several International Organisations and assisted with the launch of several local NGOs. As co-founder and Development Director of ACTED, Frederic focuses on constructing sustainable regional strategies for ACTED’s activities in developing countries.

Marie-Pierre Caley: Director

After achieving a doctorate in geography from the University of Paris, she began supporting two local NGOs in Afghanistan and co-funded the Kabul Emergency Project in 1992. In 1993, she co-founded the international NGO ACTED, in Afghanistan. As CEO of ACTED, she has launched programmes in 25 countries around the world.

Parag Gupta: CFO/Founder

Parag currently heads the finance department of ACTED in India. With over 20 years of experience in the social development sector, he has hands-on experience in financial and audit processes of NGOs. His experience has taken him beyond the borders of India – Parag also set up ACTED offices and trained staff in multiple countries across Asia.

Mrinal Talukdar: Founder

Mrinal is a journalist with 30 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Northeast India. He is also an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker and has published several book focused on the history of the state of Assam. Mrinal has also shared his media expertise with ACTED and UNICEF to contribute to development projects as media consultant.